Therapeutic Reflexology Treatments

Therapeutic Reflexology Treatments

Advanced Facial Reflexology (The Bergman Method)


Ziggie has over 20 years' experience as a reflexologist and created this pioneering treatment based on William Fitzgerald's 'Zone Therapy'.

This unique method uses Native American techniques along with Asian body mapping.
Facial reflexology is a holistic therapy that safely promotes a deep sense of relaxation with the added benefit of rejuvenating results, combining all the therapeutic benefits of a holistic therapy with some natural beautifying indulgence.

Like foot reflexology, this treatment is based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected in the reflex points on the face.

By using specific facial reflexology techniques and massage, light pressure is applied to all reflex points on the whole face and scalp.

These reflex points and nerve endings are stimulated which aim to improve lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow leaving the skin radiant whilst promoting a deep sense of relaxation and sense of wellbeing.