Therapeutic Reflexology Treatments

Therapeutic Reflexology Treatments

Therapeutic Reflexology


Reflexology is categorised as a complimentary therapy and focuses on the hands and feet, providing deep relaxation. The principle of reflexology is that specific areas on the hands and feet that correspond to different organs and systems of the body, acting as reflex points.

By focusing stimulation on certain reflex points and applying gentle pressure using specific thumb and finger techniques, it can prompt the body to improve, restore and maintain the balance of its natural equilibrium.

Reflexology does not diagnose or claim to cure and is suitable for all ages. Reflexology however should never be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

Some benefits of reflexology include:

  • Aids relaxation and sleep
  • Improves mood
  • Helps ease tension
  • Improves wellbeing

Reflexology can be a great solution for those, looking for a complimentary and holistic method.

When should I avoid this type of treatment?

  • If you are already undergoing conventional medical treatment it is always advisable to consult your doctor and obtain their advice before receiving reflexology.
  • If you are pregnant in your first trimester you should also avoid this treatment during this time. Again it is advisable to always consult your doctor during the pregnancy before undertaking any complementary therapies.

You should also avoid therapy if:

  • You have an infectious condition affecting the feet, legs or ankles ie Ringworm or Athlete's Foot
  • You have any other infectious or contagious condition
  • You have any undiagnosed lumps, bumps or swellings in the treatment area
  • You have had food poisoning or stomach upset in the 48 hrs prior to the session